Lapis Lazuli

Always popular and intriguing, Lapis Lazuli has been used since at least 4000 B.C. With an Isometric crystal formation and a hardness of 6 in the Mohs scale, Lapis Lazuli is a sodium aluminum silicate with sulfur and chlorine, often found with inclusions of Pyrite and White Calcite. Found mainly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russian and Chile, the name comes from Latin and means 'blue stone'. Known as the stone of royalty, Lapis lazuli was used by the kings and queens of Egypt, Sumeria, China, Greece and Rome mainly as jewelry and ornaments but also grounded into a powder for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.

Believed to be connected to the Throat Chakra, it is highly recommended by crystal and reiki healers to connect to your inner self and speak your own truth. It is a great tool for bringing clarity and facilitate communication, and also helps promote deep states of meditation. Even today, Buddhist tradition believe in the power of Lapis lazuli and its ability to help overcome negative thoughts. Physically, it is believed to help relieve any throat issue, overcome sleep disorders and help during vertigo or dizziness.

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Sagittarius is a free spirited, independent and fun fire sign. With a very complex combination of traits combined with their strong creative side and their natural wisdom, they’re always on the look for something new; as the search for the unknown is quite luring whether it’s spirituality, adventure, knowledge or excitement. Their determination to make the world a better place paves the way for internal transformation and spiritual growth. Sagittarius is a very kind and compassionate sign, but rarely do they think on their feet. Their best performances come with a little push in the right direction. Like the other fire signs they can be very childish and playful at times, especially in the way they process emotion and thoughts. They are very sensitive and can hold many things inside for a long time until they burst.

For the time of Sagittarius, the thing we really want to work on is learning to give 100% effort. Sags are usually known for getting bored easily and to be always looking for change. It’s important for Sags, and for all of us during this month, to see things through and believe in ourselves more than others believe in us. We should all focus on taking risks and believing in ourselves as well as in our ability to achieve goals.

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Black Tourmaline

User friendly and always at the forefront of stone collectors and energy workers, Black Tourmaline is a mix of mystery and practicality. Known also as Schorl, Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate with a trigonal crystal pattern classified as a semi-precious stone with a hardness of 7.5 in the Mohs scale. The name comes from the word 'turmali' in Sinhalese which was the name of a family of stones found in Sri Lanka where it was discovered and brought to Europe by Dutch gemstone merchants in the 1700's, but it is believed to have been around since the second century B.C. Mainly found in Brazil, Africa, Russia and the USA, it is nowadays one of the most popular stones around.

Black Tourmaline has always been associated with protection and grounding. It is mostly used to bring balance between opposite energies. Commonly linked to the Base Chakra, it is believed to help purify the incoming flow of energy that goes into our bodies. It is highly used by Reiki and Crystal healers and it helps them block and protect themselves from the energy blockages being released during a session. Because of its grounding properties, it's a great tool for the people from the sign of Scorpio as it can help them to not get carried away by their intense emotions and promotes and smoother letting-go process. Black Tourmaline can help bring balance to physical body, regulate the digestive system and detoxify the body.

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This fierce and independent water sign can accomplish anything they set out to achieve as they’re known for their persistence and dedication. Scorpios are very honest and typically very serious about their words; they are also very intuitive, as most water signs are, but their intuition is more directed in understanding the human condition and uncovering the mysteries and secrets of their surroundings.

All of these traits make them great leaders and teachers with strong convictions and ethic; the issue becomes when their honesty and intensity makes way for a constant search for power and worldly pleasures which can make them to harsh or intense for the people around them. During the time of Scorpio energy, we should all focus our consciousness and intentions on achieving things we see to be difficult. Strive to be more sympathetic, compassionate and understanding and be aware of jealousy, obsession, over indulgence and manipulation.

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Always colorful and energetic, Aventurine is a silicon dioxide with a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale belonging to the Quartz family characterized by its signature translucency and glitter-like mineral inclusions known as 'aventurescence'. The name comes from the italian 'a ventura' or 'by chance' because of its resemblance to the italian artisans glass later known as aventurine glass. Commonly mistaken with sunstone or goldstone, red, orange or peach varieties of this stone come from inclusions of hematite and pyrite in the quartz. Mainly found in Brazil, India, Russia and Spain, Aventurine also can be found in different colors ranging from green and blue to grey and white.

Aventurine, especially the red and orange varieties, have always been associated with vitality and motivation. Red Aventurine is mostly used to bring harmony between thoughts and feelings. Commonly linked to the Sacral Chakra it is believed to help create harmony within our own energy. It is helpful during states of depression or anxiety as it helps by bringing motivation an encouragement, creating an opening for confidence and self-sufficiency. Because it helps by reinforcing decisiveness,  red and peach aventurine are great stones for the sign of Libra. Red and Peach Aventurine are great tools in Energy and Crystal Healing for cleansing the female reproductive system and boosting fertility. 

Green and blue Aventurine are usually linked to peace and calmness. Blue Aventurine is believed to relieve mental stress and promote deep states of meditation because of its affinity to the upper Chakras. On a physical level, it is believed to balance hormones (specially in women) and balance hyperactivity. On the other hand, Green Aventurine is commonly used to soothe emotional distress and promote hope and optimism. Connected to the Heart Chakra, it is highly recommended by Crystal and Reiki healers to help regulate the heart and the circulatory system, help during fatigue or depletion and support homeopathic healing.

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During the time of Libra energy we are looking for balance. The symbol of this sign is the scales and this represents the idea that balance is within our grasp and it is up to us to make it a reality. This balance is achieved by not overdoing or under-doing as this air sign can and will go in either direction so the key is to stay straight, consistent and balanced. 

Libras are diplomatic; they love to be around people and more so, they like to be ‘the glue’ that binds people together. Their free spirit combined with their search for justice and equality allows for them to make great strides in achieving what they seek. Ideally it would be great if Libra was more focused on Spiritual justice and equality rather than physicality but that is part of the correction they need to make.

The free spirited and fun Libra should be careful to not lose ambition as they are very innocent and creative when it comes to ideas. It would be wise to ground that energy and focus it in the direction of Spiritualism. Their need for excitement and new things may leave them with many uncompleted tasks; so again, focus and balance is critical.

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Crystal Quartz

Besides being the most iconic and known mineral of all, Crystal Quartz is the second most abundant on earth. Part of the Quartz family, Crystal or Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale; and it’s usually  found in Sedimentary rocks deposits but can also be found in Igneous and Metamorphic rock formations as well. Colorless, transparent and/or translucent, Crystal Quartz forms in a Trigonal/Hexagonal system, giving this beautiful mineral its iconic ‘point’ shapes.

Crystal Quartz has been the most prized semi-precious stone for stone carving and jewelry making since prehistoric times specially in Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific and Central America. Pendants, medallions, vases, figurines and even skulls have been made from this beautiful mineral by ancient Aztecs, Greeks, Persians and Australian aboriginals. In ancient Greece it was known as ‘krustallos’ as they believed this mineral to be a form of permanent cooled ice; and even the word Quartz itself comes from the German word ‘quartz’ which it’s believed to be derived from the Slavic word for ‘hard’ as ice. Today it is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas, USA.

Known as one of the most powerful and yet subtle crystals by reiki and crystal healers, Crystal Quartz is believed to be linked specifically to the Crown Chakra, but because of it’s ability to be easily programmed, it can be used for bringing balance to all the chakras. It is mainly used for cleansing and purifying a person’s energy field or even a stone’s. It is highly recommended as a tool for promoting personal growth and harmony; while at the same time as a go-to crystal for enhancing the immune system and soothing headaches.

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The energy of Virgo is organized, intelligent, analytical and precise. This reliable and helpful sign will always come through for whoever needs it. Virgos are constantly driven forward as their need to improve and be better is a constant pressure. The downfall of Virgo is overdoing, where compulsion and obsession with working hard can become sadistic if not checked. If Virgos can turn that intense need for order inward they may speedily rush to correct the issues they have come to this world to face

During this time we all the opportunity to really analyze our actions and take inventory of who we are so that we can become what we wish to be. Self-reflection is crucial for everyone this month.

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Leo is a great leader, loyal and proud. They have a very warm spirit and are known for their strength, confidence, ambition and generosity which makes them great motivators and leaders and draws them followers and admirers. They tend to be very successful in everything they do because of their need to be at the center of attention. Typically they get along with everyone and make great friends partially due to the fun and spontaneity the come with. On the downside, Leos can tend to rely on the love and admiration from others and seek power, luxury and never-ending fun.

When in the energy of Leo, we must make sure we are looking for opportunities to enact humility and lead with love. Egos must be checked, as vanity is swept to the side and the development of compassion should come full circle. We must act from the heart and do things because we feel it’s right and not because someone is looking.

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Part of the Quartz family, Citrine is one of the most popular and beloved stones of all; not only for its incredible sparkling beauty but also for its healing and metaphysical properties. The name Citrine is believed to come from the French word citron, meaning 'lemon' in relation to the rich yellow color of  this stone. The use of Citrine in jewelry making and decor can be traced back to Biblical times when Aaron, the High Priest had Citrine (known also as Chrysolitus) as one of the 12 gems of his powerful breastplate. During ancient Greek times, Citrine was popularly used in jewelry and in ornaments such as boxes, pots and even in weaponry. Later on, during the Renascence, blacksmiths and weapon makers, especially in Scotland, began making dagger handles from this stone.


Today, Citrine can be found in Scotland, France, Russia, Madagascar and Brazil. Finding pure, natural citrine is getting more and more difficult with time as the natural deposits for this beautiful stone are coming to an end. But despite this, we can still find a new category of this stone called 'Heat Treated Citrine' which is obtained by heating high-quality Amethyst to extremely high temperatures. Contrary to popular believe, this process does not damage the stone in any way as crystals and minerals are used to the high temperatures within the core of the earth; so we could say that heat treating a stone is no more than a way to accelerate the natural process of nature.


Citrine is commonly linked to the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra and is believed to radiate confidence, self-esteem, strength and prosperity. It is popularly known as the 'money stone' because of its ability to assist in business endeavors. When in possession of this stone, abundance is readily available not just in receiving but in sharing what we receive. Physically citrine can ease the digestive system (fighting constipation) and fight kidney infection. It can battle fatigue and be extremely regenerative as well as aid in circulation. It is highly recommended by Energy and Reiki Healers for women as it can balance hormones and relieve symptoms that come from hormonal shifts. Mentally and emotionally citrine can help fight insecurity, doubt, fear and depression.

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