Beautiful, green colored Malachite, is a copper carbonate mineral with a hardness of 4 in the Mohs scale. Usually formed in boulders in veins inside some copper mines, it can also be formed in stalactite form or crust alongside Chrysocolla, Azurite and Turquoise. Malachite has been around since before 3000 B.C in Egypt and then in ancient Greece and Rome and was used in jewelry, ornaments and in make up. During the middle ages, it was used as amulets for protection of sailors and explorers which is probably the reason why until this day, it is known by some as the ‘travelers stone’ and used to ease anxiety and stress when traveling. Malachite is mainly found in Zaire, Africa but small deposits have been found in South Africa, Australia and Chile.

Highly popular among crystal and reiki healers, it is believed to be connected to the Heart Chakra and it’s mainly used to help bring emotional balance and clarity. Known as one of the greatest healing stones there is, it is used to help detoxify and regenerate the body. Physically, it is believed to help regulate the circulatory system and especially the heart and lungs functioning. Because of its high content of copper, Malachite needs to be handled with care, particularly when in rough. It’s recommended to keep away from children and pets and to wash hands immediately after handling it. It is also recommended when used as an elixir, to use the indirect method and only use polished pieces.

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