Part of the Quartz family, Amethyst is probably the most popular and sought after stone today; not only by collectors, but also by the metaphysical community. The combination of beauty, mystery and powerful energetic properties have made Amethyst, the queen of semi-precious stones for thousands of years. 

With a trigonal crystal system and a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale, this beautiful stone gets its distinctive purple color to a combination of iron, aluminum and the influence of irradiation. Nowadays it is mainly found in Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico and South Africa; and its color can vary from light pail to deep and intense purple. Found in artifacts dating back to 25000 BC, Amethyst has been very popular since ancient times where it was considered a stone of royalty by the Egyptians which wore it in jewelry; the Israelites, where it was used in Aaron’s breastplate and by the Greek and Romans in crowns, scepters and rings.  It is believed the name Amethyst comes from the greek ‘amethystos’  which means ‘to not intoxicate’. The greek believed that carrying Amethyst would prevent intoxication and calm anger. 

Believed to be connected to the 3rd Eye and the Crown Chakras, it is highly recommended by crystal and reiki healers for meditation purposes as it helps bring balance, peace and harmony. Considered as a sacred stone in Buddhism, it is believed that Amethyst can facilitate our connection to higher realms and our true purpose. Physically, it is believed to help balance the nervous system, relieve headaches and help in overcoming fatigue. 

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