Always colorful and energetic, Aventurine is a silicon dioxide with a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale belonging to the Quartz family characterized by its signature translucency and glitter-like mineral inclusions known as 'aventurescence'. The name comes from the italian 'a ventura' or 'by chance' because of its resemblance to the italian artisans glass later known as aventurine glass. Commonly mistaken with sunstone or goldstone, red, orange or peach varieties of this stone come from inclusions of hematite and pyrite in the quartz. Mainly found in Brazil, India, Russia and Spain, Aventurine also can be found in different colors ranging from green and blue to grey and white.

Aventurine, especially the red and orange varieties, have always been associated with vitality and motivation. Red Aventurine is mostly used to bring harmony between thoughts and feelings. Commonly linked to the Sacral Chakra it is believed to help create harmony within our own energy. It is helpful during states of depression or anxiety as it helps by bringing motivation an encouragement, creating an opening for confidence and self-sufficiency. Because it helps by reinforcing decisiveness,  red and peach aventurine are great stones for the sign of Libra. Red and Peach Aventurine are great tools in Energy and Crystal Healing for cleansing the female reproductive system and boosting fertility. 

Green and blue Aventurine are usually linked to peace and calmness. Blue Aventurine is believed to relieve mental stress and promote deep states of meditation because of its affinity to the upper Chakras. On a physical level, it is believed to balance hormones (specially in women) and balance hyperactivity. On the other hand, Green Aventurine is commonly used to soothe emotional distress and promote hope and optimism. Connected to the Heart Chakra, it is highly recommended by Crystal and Reiki healers to help regulate the heart and the circulatory system, help during fatigue or depletion and support homeopathic healing.

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