During the time of Libra energy we are looking for balance. The symbol of this sign is the scales and this represents the idea that balance is within our grasp and it is up to us to make it a reality. This balance is achieved by not overdoing or under-doing as this air sign can and will go in either direction so the key is to stay straight, consistent and balanced. 

Libras are diplomatic; they love to be around people and more so, they like to be ‘the glue’ that binds people together. Their free spirit combined with their search for justice and equality allows for them to make great strides in achieving what they seek. Ideally it would be great if Libra was more focused on Spiritual justice and equality rather than physicality but that is part of the correction they need to make.

The free spirited and fun Libra should be careful to not lose ambition as they are very innocent and creative when it comes to ideas. It would be wise to ground that energy and focus it in the direction of Spiritualism. Their need for excitement and new things may leave them with many uncompleted tasks; so again, focus and balance is critical.

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