Pisces embodies the energy of compassion, love, acceptance and understanding; which shows in how they put themselves in other people's shoes and suffer with them. They are adaptable, devoted, creative, selfless and humble. But their innocence and humility can at times leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Their creativity and imagination vibrate at a very high level so they will be drawn to a field that allows them to express that gland. Look out for musicians, artists, designers and writers since this sign is full of them. People with a strong Pisces influence usually are very spiritual but can easily be lured away from their Spiritualism when they enter into self-pity and oversensitivity. 

When in the time of Pisces, we should all take great care to not take things personally and protect ourselves from the fragility of our emotions. It is also important to be on the lookout for laziness, to show persistence and dedication, to stay focused and grounded and most importantly, to go through life with an optimistic tone and confident smile.

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