Sagittarius is a free spirited, independent and fun fire sign. With a very complex combination of traits combined with their strong creative side and their natural wisdom, they’re always on the look for something new; as the search for the unknown is quite luring whether it’s spirituality, adventure, knowledge or excitement. Their determination to make the world a better place paves the way for internal transformation and spiritual growth. Sagittarius is a very kind and compassionate sign, but rarely do they think on their feet. Their best performances come with a little push in the right direction. Like the other fire signs they can be very childish and playful at times, especially in the way they process emotion and thoughts. They are very sensitive and can hold many things inside for a long time until they burst.

For the time of Sagittarius, the thing we really want to work on is learning to give 100% effort. Sags are usually known for getting bored easily and to be always looking for change. It’s important for Sags, and for all of us during this month, to see things through and believe in ourselves more than others believe in us. We should all focus on taking risks and believing in ourselves as well as in our ability to achieve goals.

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