Smoky Quartz

With its intriguing beauty, Smoky Quartz is one the most powerful and beautiful crystals around. Part of the Quartz family, Smoky Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It’s got an hexagonal crystal system that forms in 6-sided prisms.

Smoky Quartz’s distinctive ‘smoky’ color is the result of the silicon dioxide formed by a process of natural irradiation. Ranging from smoky yellowish to light grey color, known as the Cairngorm variety; to the very dark brown to black opaque variety known as Morion; Smoky Quartz’s color variations make this popular quartz-family crystal seem like a whole category within itself. Mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar and USA in its natural form, nowadays it has become easier to produce as Crystal Quartz can be turned into Smoky Quartz by using X-rays or other kinds of radiation exposure.

Believed to be connected to the Root Chakra, it is highly recommended by crystal and reiki healers to connect to help facilitate grounding, especially of spiritual information and connection with the earth. Known as a powerful protective stone since the time of the Druids and Celts, Smoky Quartz is used as a tool for protection from negative energy and environment. Physically, it is believed to help increase energy and strength, support cleansing and detox of the body, especially from electromagnetic radiation and enhance the cleansing properties of smudging.

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