Black Tourmaline

User friendly and always at the forefront of stone collectors and energy workers, Black Tourmaline is a mix of mystery and practicality. Known also as Schorl, Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate with a trigonal crystal pattern classified as a semi-precious stone with a hardness of 7.5 in the Mohs scale. The name comes from the word 'turmali' in Sinhalese which was the name of a family of stones found in Sri Lanka where it was discovered and brought to Europe by Dutch gemstone merchants in the 1700's, but it is believed to have been around since the second century B.C. Mainly found in Brazil, Africa, Russia and the USA, it is nowadays one of the most popular stones around.

Black Tourmaline has always been associated with protection and grounding. It is mostly used to bring balance between opposite energies. Commonly linked to the Base Chakra, it is believed to help purify the incoming flow of energy that goes into our bodies. It is highly used by Reiki and Crystal healers and it helps them block and protect themselves from the energy blockages being released during a session. Because of its grounding properties, it's a great tool for the people from the sign of Scorpio as it can help them to not get carried away by their intense emotions and promotes and smoother letting-go process. Black Tourmaline can help bring balance to physical body, regulate the digestive system and detoxify the body.

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