Sagittarius is a free spirited, independent and fun fire sign. With a very complex combination of traits combined with their strong creative side and their natural wisdom, they’re always on the look for something new; as the search for the unknown is quite luring whether it’s spirituality, adventure, knowledge or excitement. Their determination to make the world a better place paves the way for internal transformation and spiritual growth. Sagittarius is a very kind and compassionate sign, but rarely do they think on their feet. Their best performances come with a little push in the right direction. Like the other fire signs they can be very childish and playful at times, especially in the way they process emotion and thoughts. They are very sensitive and can hold many things inside for a long time until they burst.

For the time of Sagittarius, the thing we really want to work on is learning to give 100% effort. Sags are usually known for getting bored easily and to be always looking for change. It’s important for Sags, and for all of us during this month, to see things through and believe in ourselves more than others believe in us. We should all focus on taking risks and believing in ourselves as well as in our ability to achieve goals.

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This fierce and independent water sign can accomplish anything they set out to achieve as they’re known for their persistence and dedication. Scorpios are very honest and typically very serious about their words; they are also very intuitive, as most water signs are, but their intuition is more directed in understanding the human condition and uncovering the mysteries and secrets of their surroundings.

All of these traits make them great leaders and teachers with strong convictions and ethic; the issue becomes when their honesty and intensity makes way for a constant search for power and worldly pleasures which can make them to harsh or intense for the people around them. During the time of Scorpio energy, we should all focus our consciousness and intentions on achieving things we see to be difficult. Strive to be more sympathetic, compassionate and understanding and be aware of jealousy, obsession, over indulgence and manipulation.

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During the time of Libra energy we are looking for balance. The symbol of this sign is the scales and this represents the idea that balance is within our grasp and it is up to us to make it a reality. This balance is achieved by not overdoing or under-doing as this air sign can and will go in either direction so the key is to stay straight, consistent and balanced. 

Libras are diplomatic; they love to be around people and more so, they like to be ‘the glue’ that binds people together. Their free spirit combined with their search for justice and equality allows for them to make great strides in achieving what they seek. Ideally it would be great if Libra was more focused on Spiritual justice and equality rather than physicality but that is part of the correction they need to make.

The free spirited and fun Libra should be careful to not lose ambition as they are very innocent and creative when it comes to ideas. It would be wise to ground that energy and focus it in the direction of Spiritualism. Their need for excitement and new things may leave them with many uncompleted tasks; so again, focus and balance is critical.

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The energy of Virgo is organized, intelligent, analytical and precise. This reliable and helpful sign will always come through for whoever needs it. Virgos are constantly driven forward as their need to improve and be better is a constant pressure. The downfall of Virgo is overdoing, where compulsion and obsession with working hard can become sadistic if not checked. If Virgos can turn that intense need for order inward they may speedily rush to correct the issues they have come to this world to face

During this time we all the opportunity to really analyze our actions and take inventory of who we are so that we can become what we wish to be. Self-reflection is crucial for everyone this month.

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Leo is a great leader, loyal and proud. They have a very warm spirit and are known for their strength, confidence, ambition and generosity which makes them great motivators and leaders and draws them followers and admirers. They tend to be very successful in everything they do because of their need to be at the center of attention. Typically they get along with everyone and make great friends partially due to the fun and spontaneity the come with. On the downside, Leos can tend to rely on the love and admiration from others and seek power, luxury and never-ending fun.

When in the energy of Leo, we must make sure we are looking for opportunities to enact humility and lead with love. Egos must be checked, as vanity is swept to the side and the development of compassion should come full circle. We must act from the heart and do things because we feel it’s right and not because someone is looking.

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Feelings are everything to this very sensitive water sign. Their ability to listen and connect with those around them makes them loyal and dependable. They are naturally caring and their sensitivity allows them to be keen and pick up on the feelings of others. People with a strong presence of Cancer energy, are very independent and self-sufficient but they can depend on others for emotional support and validation. They go out of their way to make others feel good and loved in hopes of reciprocation.

During the time of Cancer we should all look out for mood swings, neediness and self-loathing. Everyone should be careful to not over indulge, especially with our feelings. During this time, we should thicken our skin and make it a point not to react or take personally the slights of our surroundings.

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Gemini it's an Air sign, governed by the planet Mercury (the Communication king) usually represented by The Twins. Because of their airy, fast-paced energy this Astrological Sign is commonly represented by the color Orange and can benefit form stones such as Agate for grounding, Blue Tiger's Eye for balance and Sodalite for Communication; amongst others.

People with a strong Gemini energy are known for being great talkers and communicators. Their independence makes way for them to leave their mark on those they meet, especially when combined with their natural enthusiasm and positive energy. Gemini's never-ending-energy combined with their flexible interpersonal skills, allows them to initiate and maintain many meaningful relationships. Something to be on the lookout for: to not give into superficiality, impulsiveness, restlessness and indecisiveness to avoid suffering from anxiety and other nervous issues.

During the month of Gemini there’s a greater opening for unity and conflict resolution. It's a wonderful time to take a step back and observe our relationships to figure out where ‘fixing’ needs to happen and make moves in that direction.

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