Stone of the Month

Lapis Lazuli

Always popular and intriguing, Lapis Lazuli has been used since at least 4000 B.C. With an Isometric crystal formation and a hardness of 6 in the Mohs scale, Lapis Lazuli is a sodium aluminum silicate with sulfur and chlorine, often found with inclusions of Pyrite and White Calcite. Found mainly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russian and Chile, the name comes from Latin and means 'blue stone'. Known as the stone of royalty, Lapis lazuli was used by the kings and queens of Egypt, Sumeria, China, Greece and Rome mainly as jewelry and ornaments but also grounded into a powder for medicinal or cosmetic purposes.

Believed to be connected to the Throat Chakra, it is highly recommended by crystal and reiki healers to connect to your inner self and speak your own truth. It is a great tool for bringing clarity and facilitate communication, and also helps promote deep states of meditation. Even today, Buddhist tradition believe in the power of Lapis lazuli and its ability to help overcome negative thoughts. Physically, it is believed to help relieve any throat issue, overcome sleep disorders and help during vertigo or dizziness.

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Black Tourmaline

User friendly and always at the forefront of stone collectors and energy workers, Black Tourmaline is a mix of mystery and practicality. Known also as Schorl, Tourmaline is a complex aluminum borosilicate with a trigonal crystal pattern classified as a semi-precious stone with a hardness of 7.5 in the Mohs scale. The name comes from the word 'turmali' in Sinhalese which was the name of a family of stones found in Sri Lanka where it was discovered and brought to Europe by Dutch gemstone merchants in the 1700's, but it is believed to have been around since the second century B.C. Mainly found in Brazil, Africa, Russia and the USA, it is nowadays one of the most popular stones around.

Black Tourmaline has always been associated with protection and grounding. It is mostly used to bring balance between opposite energies. Commonly linked to the Base Chakra, it is believed to help purify the incoming flow of energy that goes into our bodies. It is highly used by Reiki and Crystal healers and it helps them block and protect themselves from the energy blockages being released during a session. Because of its grounding properties, it's a great tool for the people from the sign of Scorpio as it can help them to not get carried away by their intense emotions and promotes and smoother letting-go process. Black Tourmaline can help bring balance to physical body, regulate the digestive system and detoxify the body.

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Always colorful and energetic, Aventurine is a silicon dioxide with a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale belonging to the Quartz family characterized by its signature translucency and glitter-like mineral inclusions known as 'aventurescence'. The name comes from the italian 'a ventura' or 'by chance' because of its resemblance to the italian artisans glass later known as aventurine glass. Commonly mistaken with sunstone or goldstone, red, orange or peach varieties of this stone come from inclusions of hematite and pyrite in the quartz. Mainly found in Brazil, India, Russia and Spain, Aventurine also can be found in different colors ranging from green and blue to grey and white.

Aventurine, especially the red and orange varieties, have always been associated with vitality and motivation. Red Aventurine is mostly used to bring harmony between thoughts and feelings. Commonly linked to the Sacral Chakra it is believed to help create harmony within our own energy. It is helpful during states of depression or anxiety as it helps by bringing motivation an encouragement, creating an opening for confidence and self-sufficiency. Because it helps by reinforcing decisiveness,  red and peach aventurine are great stones for the sign of Libra. Red and Peach Aventurine are great tools in Energy and Crystal Healing for cleansing the female reproductive system and boosting fertility. 

Green and blue Aventurine are usually linked to peace and calmness. Blue Aventurine is believed to relieve mental stress and promote deep states of meditation because of its affinity to the upper Chakras. On a physical level, it is believed to balance hormones (specially in women) and balance hyperactivity. On the other hand, Green Aventurine is commonly used to soothe emotional distress and promote hope and optimism. Connected to the Heart Chakra, it is highly recommended by Crystal and Reiki healers to help regulate the heart and the circulatory system, help during fatigue or depletion and support homeopathic healing.

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Crystal Quartz

Besides being the most iconic and known mineral of all, Crystal Quartz is the second most abundant on earth. Part of the Quartz family, Crystal or Clear Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale; and it’s usually  found in Sedimentary rocks deposits but can also be found in Igneous and Metamorphic rock formations as well. Colorless, transparent and/or translucent, Crystal Quartz forms in a Trigonal/Hexagonal system, giving this beautiful mineral its iconic ‘point’ shapes.

Crystal Quartz has been the most prized semi-precious stone for stone carving and jewelry making since prehistoric times specially in Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific and Central America. Pendants, medallions, vases, figurines and even skulls have been made from this beautiful mineral by ancient Aztecs, Greeks, Persians and Australian aboriginals. In ancient Greece it was known as ‘krustallos’ as they believed this mineral to be a form of permanent cooled ice; and even the word Quartz itself comes from the German word ‘quartz’ which it’s believed to be derived from the Slavic word for ‘hard’ as ice. Today it is mainly found in Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas, USA.

Known as one of the most powerful and yet subtle crystals by reiki and crystal healers, Crystal Quartz is believed to be linked specifically to the Crown Chakra, but because of it’s ability to be easily programmed, it can be used for bringing balance to all the chakras. It is mainly used for cleansing and purifying a person’s energy field or even a stone’s. It is highly recommended as a tool for promoting personal growth and harmony; while at the same time as a go-to crystal for enhancing the immune system and soothing headaches.

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Part of the Quartz family, Citrine is one of the most popular and beloved stones of all; not only for its incredible sparkling beauty but also for its healing and metaphysical properties. The name Citrine is believed to come from the French word citron, meaning 'lemon' in relation to the rich yellow color of  this stone. The use of Citrine in jewelry making and decor can be traced back to Biblical times when Aaron, the High Priest had Citrine (known also as Chrysolitus) as one of the 12 gems of his powerful breastplate. During ancient Greek times, Citrine was popularly used in jewelry and in ornaments such as boxes, pots and even in weaponry. Later on, during the Renascence, blacksmiths and weapon makers, especially in Scotland, began making dagger handles from this stone.


Today, Citrine can be found in Scotland, France, Russia, Madagascar and Brazil. Finding pure, natural citrine is getting more and more difficult with time as the natural deposits for this beautiful stone are coming to an end. But despite this, we can still find a new category of this stone called 'Heat Treated Citrine' which is obtained by heating high-quality Amethyst to extremely high temperatures. Contrary to popular believe, this process does not damage the stone in any way as crystals and minerals are used to the high temperatures within the core of the earth; so we could say that heat treating a stone is no more than a way to accelerate the natural process of nature.


Citrine is commonly linked to the Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra and is believed to radiate confidence, self-esteem, strength and prosperity. It is popularly known as the 'money stone' because of its ability to assist in business endeavors. When in possession of this stone, abundance is readily available not just in receiving but in sharing what we receive. Physically citrine can ease the digestive system (fighting constipation) and fight kidney infection. It can battle fatigue and be extremely regenerative as well as aid in circulation. It is highly recommended by Energy and Reiki Healers for women as it can balance hormones and relieve symptoms that come from hormonal shifts. Mentally and emotionally citrine can help fight insecurity, doubt, fear and depression.

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Part of the Feldspar family, Moonstone is sodium potassium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 6 in the Mohs scale. Because this stone is composed of 2 Feldspar species, Orthoclase and Albite; its crystal system is both monoclinic and prismatic. Commonly found in India, Armenia, Australia and Madagascar; Moonstone has been considered a powerful stone since ancient times; where Romans used it as talisman for good luck and civilizations from what is now considered India, Myanmar and Burma, thought of it as a sacred stone for love, using it to bring people together and bless marriages.

With beautiful shimmery visual effects, Moonstone owes its name to the light being diffracted within its feldspar layers. It can be found in different colors such as grey, peach, white and iridescent. Because of its variety of colors, it can be linked to different chakras such as Sacral, Upper Heart and Crown. Moonstone is recommended by Crystal and Reiki healers as a tool to connect to empathy. It also promotes patience and understanding and can help in bringing emotional balance. Physically, Moonstone cab]n help balance hormones (specially in women). Supports during pregnancy and healthy development in children.

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One of the most popular stones in the world since ancient times, Agate is no other than a variety of a Silica mineral formation composed of microscopic, fine and bright, crystals found mainly in nodules of volcanic rocks or in the veins of volcanic granite rocks. Having a hardness of 7 in the Mohs scale, Agate is usually composed of different layers being the main ones:

1. Outside Skin: made of dark greenish decomposed, iron rich, matrix or Limonite; also known as priming.

2. The middle: made of different layers of compressed, smooth chalcedony/quartz material.

3. Core: if hollow, the mineral deposits have not reach the center and the last layer consists of small crystallized walls or druzy.

In any of its types, Agate has been around since as early as Babylonian times where it was used in amulets and ornaments. It was very popular during greek times because of its medicinal and stonecutting properties, so popular in fact that it was named by the greek philosopher Theophrastus around the 4th century B.C. Now days, there are hundreds of types of Agates, found all over the world; all very popular not only because of its beauty and versatility but also because of its energy-harmonizing properties.

Agate is commonly linked to the Root Chakra and it is believed to aid with grounding and harmonizing of opposite energies. It is highly recommended for people that need to bring balance into their lives, restore or replenish energy. It helps in overcoming fears and anxieties and releasing of suppressed emotions. When in possession of this stone, calmness, balance and peace are readily available and is highly recommended by Reiki masters and Crystal Healers as a tool to help people sleep better at night, specially for those who suffer from night terrors or nightmares. Physically, Agate supports physical endurance, helps relieve from exhaustion, enhances the immune system and soothes any digestive issues.

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Beautiful, green colored Malachite, is a copper carbonate mineral with a hardness of 4 in the Mohs scale. Usually formed in boulders in veins inside some copper mines, it can also be formed in stalactite form or crust alongside Chrysocolla, Azurite and Turquoise. Malachite has been around since before 3000 B.C in Egypt and then in ancient Greece and Rome and was used in jewelry, ornaments and in make up. During the middle ages, it was used as amulets for protection of sailors and explorers which is probably the reason why until this day, it is known by some as the ‘travelers stone’ and used to ease anxiety and stress when traveling. Malachite is mainly found in Zaire, Africa but small deposits have been found in South Africa, Australia and Chile.

Highly popular among crystal and reiki healers, it is believed to be connected to the Heart Chakra and it’s mainly used to help bring emotional balance and clarity. Known as one of the greatest healing stones there is, it is used to help detoxify and regenerate the body. Physically, it is believed to help regulate the circulatory system and especially the heart and lungs functioning. Because of its high content of copper, Malachite needs to be handled with care, particularly when in rough. It’s recommended to keep away from children and pets and to wash hands immediately after handling it. It is also recommended when used as an elixir, to use the indirect method and only use polished pieces.

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Carnelian is a stone from the Chalcedony-Quartz family, often referred to as 'the setting sun' because of its beautiful array of colors going from dark yellow, to orange, to deep red. With a hardness of 7 in the Mohs Scale and found in places such as Brazil, India and Uruguay; it gets the name from the Cornel (Kornel, Cornelian) cherry which it's known for its deep, bright red color.

Since ancient biblical times, Carnelian has always been associated with courage and bravery. It was one of the stones in Aaron's, the High Priest, Breastplate and it was also very popular during ancient Egypt used only by master architects as a symbol of leadership and power. During medieval times, it was best known as a soldier's amulet, giving them courage and bravery in battle.

Very popular nowadays, Carnelian is a stone associated with leadership. Commonly linked to the Sacral Chakra, it is believed to enhance a person's life force, passion and drive. Great tool for overcoming fears, it is highly recommended by Reiki Masters and Crystal Healers as a tool to balance temper and bringing balance to sexuality. It is best known as a stone to help 'Make things happen', making it a great tool for any fire sign, especially Aries. Physically, this stone can support the liver and spleen, helping to detoxify the blood. Balances blood pressure and it enhances fertility and supports the reproductive system, especially in women.

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Known as the ‘Stone of Magic’, Labradorite is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Member of the Feldspar family, this Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicate mineral with a hardness of 6.5 in the Mohs scale has a Triclinic Crystal Structure; making it part of the group of ‘rare’ minerals with non-perpendicular and unequal axes.

Found mainly in Canada, Madagascar, Russia and Mexico; Labradorite is known for its characteristic flashes of light and blue, green, gold, violet and red colors, or ‘Labradorescence’; named after this enigmatic stone. Despite being used by the Red Paint and Beothuk people as well as the Inuit tribes for over 1000 years in jewelry and decorations, Labradorite was officially discovered in the 18th century in the Labrador region of Canada; where it gets its name from and became popular in Europe around the 19th century, especially for carving and jewelry making.

Linked both to the 3rd Eye and Throat chakras, Labradorite is believed to help enhance the connection between mind-heart-communication. It is highly recommended by Crystal and Reiki healers to anyone wishing to enhance their intuition as it is considered one of the greatest tools for Crystal Meditation; helping to promote love and empathy for others and oneself and most importantly, in seeing the beauty in any situation. Physically it is a great tool for overcoming any sleep disorders, headaches and upper respiratory issues.

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