The Energy System Seminar & Energy Healing Workshop

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Class Bundle photo november 2018.jpg

The Energy System Seminar & Energy Healing Workshop

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The Energy System Seminar: Sunday. November 4th at 3 PM

Science has been working for years on a theory that explains the cosmic genetic structure of the universe; one where the totality of existence is contained in alternate dimensions unified by the natural forces of the universe, all existing at the same time; calling this ’Super String Theory’. If we look at this from a more holistic point of view, we begin to understand that the ‘dimensions’ scientists refer to are just different grades of energy coexisting simultaneously, which can be tapped into by anyone that truly desires to increase their own energetic vibration and reach higher levels of consciousness.

This same universal theory can be applied to the physical body, where the totality of our energetic structure is composed of different stages known as Chakras, all unified by channels of energy called Meridians; and since the human body is both magnetically and electrically charged, we can talk about the Etheric and the Auric Fields as the natural forces of the universe applied to the human body. Each dimension has an unique level of wisdom which we can apply to our lives and by activating, balancing and charging our energy system we can find our awareness, perception and understanding increased; therefore allowing us to lead a more holistic way of life. 

The technicalities and specifics of the energy system are always fascinating and intriguing, but to deeply understand this system and properly use it to assist us in our spiritual growth is what really matters. In ‘The Energy System’ we’ll talk about the totality of The Energy System; Chakras, Meridians, the Auric field and much more; plus we’ll discuss their function and the importance of understanding how each one of these forces work for anyone wishing to live a more holistic lifestyle.

Energy Healing Workshop: Sunday, November 18th at 3 PM

Healing the physical body, clearing our energy, and balancing one's vibration are all based around the simple idea of faith. Faith in the Universe and/or God, faith in our own ability to overcome our adversities, and faith in the healing process itself. And for everyone that is in the process of healing or overcoming the manifestation of negativity, the understanding of this process is what can lead us to miraculous occurrences.

There are many ways to see healing come to fruition, but one thing is for sure: We need a channel to act as the doorway for that healing to come into our lives. It can be science, a holistic or medical treatment, or energy healer, among many others. Everyone can bring healing into their lives and the lives of others. It is just a matter of believing in ourselves and having the right guidance and tools. For those who are beginning to act as a channel for energy healing, it becomes vital that they find the right tools and methods to protect themselves and the ones they work on, while simultaneously providing an efficient technique that allows the recipient of that healing to feel comfortable. 

Please join renowned Crystal Energy Healer Christopher Petrocelli as he explains the secrets, methods, and wisdom regarding Energy Healing through a series of live demonstrations of different techniques on volunteers from the audience. In this wonderful workshop we will learn about the tools for healing and protecting everyone during a session. Raising our vibration and developing our senses for seeing and feeling energy and expanding our consciousness.