The Power of Crystals


The Power of Crystals


Every stone, regardless of where it came from or what its shape is, has a very particular and unique healing aspect attributed to it which people have been studying for centuries.

Learning about crystals can be very exciting but the simple truth is that Crystals, Stones and Minerals are merely the foundation of all metaphysical tools; and once we lay the ground work, it is up to us to develop our own personal relationship and understanding of these tools. We need to find the proper guidance as there are many types of stones and crystals, all with amazingly beautiful properties. The right stone can really make a great difference in a person's life once their energy and vibration are working in harmony with each other, and through 'The Power of Crystals' class we can learn how to achieve this.

Join us in exploring the types of crystals and the best methods for channeling their potential. We'll discuss about how to incorporate them into our everyday life for healing, protection and meditation; as well as how to properly care for them.

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Sunday, April 22nd. From 3pm to 5pm

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