Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field. Together, we compliment each other and make sure everyone feels welcomed and cared for, whether looking for a stone or learning something new in one of our workshops. 


Adriana Petrocelli

With a background in architecture and art, Adriana has been studying different religions and spiritual paths from a very early age. Having worked for a non-profit organization for many years, she has travelled around the world helping people find their own path and connect to their purpose.

With a practical, supportive and inspiring approach to life; nowadays Adriana, together with her husband Chris; seek to inspire, guide and motivate people to live a more balanced life connected to their own inner voice and intuition through the use of crystals, yoga, meditation and an overall holistic lifestyle.




Chris Petrocelli

Energy sensitive and spiritually gifted since only a child, Chris has dedicated his life to music and the deep study of different religions and spiritual paths. With years of experience in psychology, yoga, meditation and crystal healing; Chris worked for a non-profit organization for many years helping people discover the power of self-transformation and raising consciousness.

Chris' passion and vibrant energy inspire and motivate people through his classes and books to live a more spiritually-oriented life and become aware of the power of each person's energy in our global consciousness.



A high school student and a passionate crystal enthusiast, Nicolette has been surrounded by stones and crystals ever since she can remember. Captivated by the chemical make-up behind each stone as well as their beauty, she goes out of her way to help people connect and appreciate the pure nature, versatility and uniqueness of crystals.



With a very deep connection to crystals, Yesenia believes in their power to, not only clear out negative energy; but also in their ability to help us connect to our goals and bring comfort. She is passionate about crystals and it shows as she helps people find the right stone to help them raise their vibration and discover their truth.